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We will work closely with you to quickly turn around prototypes so that you can keep your schedule on track.
Our dedicated prototype SMT line insures that you can get your products ASAP!  
Our services include PCB fabrication, parts procurement, and final circuit board assembly. In addition, we provide a cost-saving, Design for Manufacturing (DFM) service, which ensures all details of PCB design files are accurate prior to the commencement of full-scale manufacturing.

ESEMDA is a contract electronics manufacturer that focuses on high mix, low to medium volume, high reliability sector.

  • 1 dedicated Prototyping SMT line (up to 24K CPH)
  • 2 SMT lines for serial production (up to 168K CPH)
  • SMD technology up to 0.3 mm fine pitch, BGA and 01005 size components
  • SMT, PTH or Mixed Technology
  • Wave and selective soldering
  • BGA rework
  • AOI and X-Ray quality inspection
  • Rapid prototype and pilot runs at competitive prices
  • Connection wires and cable fabrication
  • Automated wire harness and preparation
  • Mechanical box build
  • Component procurement
  • Consignment/Turnkey or Combination
  • Supply of high quality SMT stencils
  • Supply of low price, high quality PCB's

Prototype production

The prototyping workgroup specialises in quick-turn prototype manufacturing, quick changeover from one product production to another product production and PCB assembly. Flexible surface mount, IR reflow or hot air and wave soldering equipment are used to implement both, pilot projects and full-scale production. All manufacturing operation are totally controlled and performed in accordance with the requirements of the company and IPC-A-610, IPC/EIA J-STD-001C standards.

Our advantages:

  • Quick quoting process
  • Full procurement service
  • Typical 5-7 day manufacturing lead time (faster turnarounds available)
  • Dedicated equipment and resources
  • Short batch and low volume production
  • Potential to move your design from Prototype through New Product Introduction (NPI) to volume production under one roof!